Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Living the music!!!

The earliest memories of my life are associated with music. I always had many influences, many kinds of music, folk music, jazz, rock, classical and a little of everything. I always remember my early years, were accompanied by music, either, family influences, from friends who frequented my house or other life circumstances. I remember particularly having heard John Coltraine, My favorite things!, Miles Davis, So what!; Dave Brubeck, Take Five!... sounds great! those rhythms fabulous!
I remember spending any winters evenings listening to this music with my older cousins ​​and uncles. A memory that I can not pass, was in the summer of 83, on holiday with my cousins ​​in the countryside, listening the disc off the Wall and Thriller by Michael Jackson, at least ten times a day, for two months that lasted for the holidays. At the same time I was surprised with the rhythms and social issues of Latin American music, La Cantata Santa Maria de Quilapayun, that opened my senses to the social problems of the start century and step back to my interest in history, El Palimpsesto by  Inti -Illimani, many styles of music, with a flawless performance, Mercedes Sosa, Facundo Cabral, Alfredo Zitarrosa and many more.

I remember staying on the morning with my mother, listening to Mozart's Turkish wing, The Moonlight by Claude Debussy and Beethoven, The Adagio by Samuel varvet, The Dance Macabre by Saint Saens, A Night on the Mountain Bald, with Modest Musoursky, The Dance of the Valkyries by Richard Wagner and many others, unforgettable.
During my teens listen to all kinds of music, going from house music to style progressive rock ... cassually came to my ears, the influences of Brazilian music, Bossa Nova with many great musicians, and so on ... so many styles ... how many new sounds were added to my taste ... jazz, be bop, hip-hop,   r & b, latin jazz, electronic music ... just might be hours and hours writing about the 
rhythms and types of music I like ... in short! ...Music has been my companion and guide for my life.  

Living the music!!!

Here I give you a link to one of my latest discoveries!
Paraphernalia, a group that brings together some talented Brazilians.


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